Electromagnetic Wave Control Device Laboratory
in Nagaoka University of Technology

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K. Kawai,  M. Sakamoto, K. Noda, T. Sasaki, N. Kawatsuki, and H. Ono,
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in Holographic Materials and Optical Systems,
edited by I. Naydenova, D. Nazarova, and T. Babeva, chapter 16 (INTECH, 2017),

T. Sasaki, K. Noda, H. Ono, and N. Kawatsuki
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in Liquid Crystalline Polymer Volume 2 Processing and Applications,
edited by V. K. Thakur and M. R. Kessler, chapter 9 (Springer, 2015),

T. Sasaki, A. Emoto, K. Miura, O. Hanaizumi, N. Kawatsuki, and H. Ono,
"Three-dimensional vector holograms in photoreactive media,"
in Holograms: Recording Materials and Applications,
edited by I. Naydenova, chapter 8 (INTECH, 2011),

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